Red Coral Stones

Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Red Coral Stones

The Red Coral gemstone is a solid red-colored stone commonly known as “Moonga” in Hindi. Associated with the planet Mars (Mangal), this beautiful stone is known for its mystic texture all over the world and is used widely to make jewelry and decorative items.

Found in the depths of the ocean, this gemstone is the only one that is not mined. And in Vedic astrology, it is believed to contain the strength and coolness of water. The essence of the red coral will provide calmness to the wearer as well as self-confidence.

Other than this, there are also physical and emotional healing properties of the red coral gemstone. In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 major benefits of the red coral stone which you should read to know why you should wear it.

Astrological Benefits of the Red Coral Gemstone

A Natural red coral gemstone has the ruling planet Mars and so this stone is the most beneficial for people who have negative effects of Mars in their birth chart. Astrologers say that this stone will neutralize the negative effects as well as provide positivity.

Indeed, it will provide many benefits to the person who wears it. The 5 incredible benefits of wearing a Red Coral stone are as follows:

Personality Development

The red coral associated with Mars suggests that the problems of aggression and conflicts come to you by nature. Wearing the red coral will help you with your anger issues, it will keep you away from problems and conflicts. It will keep you calm even in difficult situations and increase your presence of mind to take better decisions.

It will also increase your self-belief and confidence and you will be able to express yourself better. As well as you will take the steps with confidence to achieve your goals.

Health Benefits of the Red Coral Stone

The red coral gemstone is also known widely for its physical healing properties. Maintaining your health, this stone will heal you from many diseases and illnesses as well as protect you from them.

Belief has it that the red coral will increase the physical stamina of the wearer and keep the energy levels high. It also regulates blood pressure and keeps blood circulation intact.

Strengthening the heart, bones, skeletal health, and respiratory system, this stone will keep your body fit.

Additionally, the red coral gemstone will also keep your skin clean and clear and remove toxins from your body.

Relationship Benefits of the Red Coral

The energy of the red coral stone brings harmony and love to the wearer. Hence, this stone will be very beneficial for you if you are having trouble with your relationships.

It will increase your mutual understanding and compassion, and bring love to your relationships. This stone is especially recommended for married couples.

Spiritual Significance of Wearing Red Coral Stone

Spiritually this stone will open up your senses and help you on the path to god. It will enlighten you towards the spiritual journey, and help you build your inner self-consciousness.

If you meditate while wearing this stone, it will increase your focus and bring you a state of total calmness.

Furthermore, it will decrease anxiety, stress, and tensions in your life, as well as depression, and will increase mental stability.

Also, it will protect you from nightmares and bad influences.

Financial Benefits of the Red Coral Gemstone

The red coral gemstone also brings luck and success to the wearer. And helps in financial situations. This stone will help you overcome any debts that you might have.

Additionally, it will also provide you with growth in your career. It will bring you a number of opportunities and bring you financial stability.

Price of Red Coral Stone

The Red coral gemstone is a rare stone that is found in the depths of the ocean as they are made of marine creatures called coral polyps. Therefore, the price of this stone depends on the origin and quality of the stone.

The cost also varies based on the weight, cut, and color scale of the stone.

Generally, the price of a red coral gemstone in India starts from the range of INR 550 Per Carat to 20000 per carat. But it can increase a lot more than this based on the significance and mentioned factors.

Wrapping Up

In Vedic astrology, red coral gemstones are an immense source of power. Astrologers believe this gemstone has tremendous strength which will protect the wearer from negative energies.

The power of this stone will also increase confidence, awareness, and spirituality in the wearer.

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