NDIS in Geelong

8 Common Services & Supports Funded By NDIS In Geelong

Stella Young— a reputed Australian journalist, comedian, & disability rights activist, once said,  “My disability exists not because I use a wheelchair, but because the broader environment isn’t accessible.

And indeed, having a nice place to live in, doing what one loves, enjoying their hobbies, and being surrounded by the warmth & support of loving family & friends, is a right everyone deserves, irrespective of their circumstances.

The NDIS Scheme launched by the Australian Government is an attempt to empower participants & help them achieve it by providing them with the right kind of support. Find more about Supports & Services funded by NDIS in Geelong.

NDIS in Geelong
NDIS in Geelong

The support & services provided to NDIS participants aim to deliver people with disabilities, intellectual, sensory, physical or motor, with all the things in life to help them achieve their life goals like any other human being. These services include assisting them in their daily lives, providing them with support from the community, employment-related support, providing assistive technology, and more.

NDIS Support Categories

The NDIS plan for a participant consists of three support categories, which are defined as follows.

Core Supports

These supports allow NDIS participants to complete their daily activities & work to achieve their life goals. It includes:

  • Assistance with daily activities: Support with various domestic & household tasks, such as personal care, preparing & delivering daily meals, and more.
  • Assistance with transportation: Specialised transportation facilities are provided to participants to take them to their place of employment, school, or community activities & then back home.
  • Assistance with purchasing consumables: Assisted service that helps NDIS participants to buy grocery items & other consumables.
  • Assistance with social, civic, & community participation: Assist NDIS participants in actively participating in their sports, art, or other peer support & recreation activities.

Capacity-Building Supports

These supports empower the NDIS participants & enable them to build valuable life skills & maintain their independent existence. It includes:

  • Provide support with coordination: It helps the participants to understand their NDIS plan better & help them make the best out of it.
  • Provide improved living arrangements: It helps the participants to find, maintain & retain their desired accommodation.
  • Increase the community & social participation: Specially designed outreach programs will help the participants take an active interest in community & social affairs.
  • Provides employment: It helps participants find & retain jobs according to their skill sets & potential.
  • Assists in improving relations. It helps participants to develop skills that will help them to maintain healthy relationships with others.
  • Assists with learning & transitions: It helps participants smoothly transition from their schools to higher education institutes or to work.
  • Assists with choices & control: It teaches participants financial & economic trends to help them to control their finances.
  • Assists for an improved daily lifestyle: It provides participants with training, therapies & assessment for developing skills to maintain their independent existence.

Capital Supports

These supports help NDIS participants avail higher-cost purchases such as assistive technology & home modifications to help them lead independent lives. It includes:

  • Providing Assistive Technology: It supports participants with securing equipment, as per their needs, like motor wheelchairs, hearing aids, and more.
  • Makes provisions for Modified Housing: It helps modify participants’ homes to make them comfortable & safe. It includes services like installing hand showers, railings, ramps, slip-resistant flooring, & more.

Based on the goals & individual requirements, participants get an allocated budget that assists them with choosing & paying for services that help them achieve the same. Here is a concise list of some of the most common supports & services funded by NDIS in Geelong.

Common NDIS Supports & Services in Geelong

Here, we will summarise the most common disability services available in Geelong.

Daily Household Tasks

Under this service, the support workers provide NDIS participants with holistic support that helps them to accomplish all of their daily chores & contribute to the smooth functioning of their household. It enables the concerned participant to lead an independent life at home & within the community.

Life Skills Development

Under this service, the support worker assists the NDIS participants to excel on all fronts, both personal & professional. The participants learn valuable life skills, & the objective behind this is to equip them with skills that enable them to lead self-sufficient lives.

Innovative Community Participation

Under this service, the NDIS participants are assisted by support workers so they can participate in various community activities. These activities are stimuli for the participants & help them with their personal growth & development, & it also helps them become more involved members of the community.

Shared Living

Under this service, the service provider assigned to a particular NDIS participant stays by their side 24×7. The service provider takes care of all their needs & assists them with their daily tasks, such as personal care & more.

Assisted Travel & Transportation

Under this service, the service provider helps the NDIS participant with their travelling needs whenever they step outside their houses. It could be driving them around or providing them with assistive technology such as motor wheelchairs to ease their mobility.

Assistance with Personal Activities

Under this service, the service provider helps the NDIS participant with everyday activities. It includes shopping for their groceries, helping them with the cleaning, assisting them with chores around the house, or whatever assistance they need.

Assistance for Smoothly Adjusting with Changes in Life

Under this service, the service provider helps the NDIS participant smoothly transition from one life stage to another. A transition could mean going from school to a higher education institution or from higher education institution to work, or one in their personal lives. No matter the type of transition, the service provider will stay by the participant’s side to ensure that it happens with the least disruption.

Assistance with Accommodation or Tenancy

Under this service, the service provider helps the NDIS participant with accommodation and tenancy services. They help the participants search for & settle in comfortable accommodations so they can lead a safe, comfortable and peaceful life. It also includes assisting participants with modified housing to ensure mobility, safety and comfort.

Find NDIS Supports & Services in Geelong

The NDIS scheme is valid across the entire Australian territory. And if you are looking for the same in Geelong, you should start your search by understanding your NDIS plan & your needs. Once you’ve settled on the service you need, you can get in touch with the service providers in your region.

We have tried to provide you with a brief idea of the types of services & supports funded by NDIS in Geelong. And in your search, you’ll find several organisations that specialise in the service you want. Conduct thorough research, ask for recommendations, and opt for multiple quotes from various providers before settling on the right one.

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