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A Guide To Make Your Custom Packaging Boxes Child Resistance

We all know that packaging has gained considerable popularity with time. But what’s getting even more popular is the child-resistant form of packaging. Many industries, especially those of vapes or medicines, ensure they make their packaging child-resistant, and that too for a good reason. The child-resistant packaging is a clever idea because this can be potentially dangerous for kids.

This is one of those packaging styles where the box is not easily open-able. The kids can try all their might but will not be able to open up the box. Suppose a child can open up a box that has something that can potentially harm them. In that case, this type of child-resistant custom packaging box can be considered vitally important. Other industries include pharmaceuticals, pesticides, viable, harmful, and hazardous products manufacturers. Therefore, their packaging is crucial because children are not aware of their actions, which can cause them to harm such products.

You might have heard of various incidents where children are easily attracted to pills, drugs, or other similar items, thinking of them like candy because they are colorful. Similarly, some syrups taste sweet, and thus they want to take it thinking it’s some juice. This can potentially be dangerous for the kids because it can harm their well-being if they take more than the required or prescribed intake. With this in mind, relative industries have taken precautionary measures by making their packaging safe and secure. They have not paid more attention to their boxes or packaging being safe enough and child-resistant. They understand that there is no other thing as important as the well-being of the children. Therefore, the custom packaging boxes need to as safe and secure.

Here are the ways to make packaging child-resistant:

  • Dexterity:

Usually, young kids develop their motor skills around eight years old. However, they can push and turn containers and open them at a younger age, but not simultaneously. The applied force needs to be added to the packaging by a user. Toddlers do not have the strength to force their way into a package. If companies devised their packaging this way, it would make it more challenging for a child to succeed in opening the box.

  • Avoid Visual Cues:

Many businesses include visual support such as shapes and colors to instruct the user on how to open the package. Children are naturally attracted to shapes and bright colors. This can be tough because, given enough time, they will be able to open the packaging. According to Healthcare Packaging, using visual alerts unique to adulthood will be unattractive and unrecognizable to toddlers. Employing text instructions on labels would also be a more suitable choice.

  • Increasing The Packaging Size:

Making packaging larger is an easy way to make something child-resistant. Suppose a user needs two fingers to open a container. In that case, it should be customized to fit the fingers of an adult. In combination with dynamic force, this method would, in turn, make it harder for a child to open the box.

Sturdy and Durable Packaging

Choosing sturdy and long-lasting packaging for products has become a top priority for product vendors. It is essential for products that are considered a risk to children. This is because children can shred the low-quality material and injure themselves with the contents. So, if you want to keep children away from your vape, you should pack it in a sturdy and long-lasting vape box. In this aspect, CBH offers custom child lock vape packaging boxes with the best high-quality material crucial for packaging. Their custom child-lock boxes are designed from recyclable material that is:

  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated
  • Eco-friendly Kraft

Deliver information regarding the products’ safety with quality printing

Printing is necessary because of its incredible ability to attract people and deliver relevant messages. This feature can provide important information regarding the products’ safety. You can also easily print instructions on a unique custom printed child lock packaging box about their use and storage. Many businesses include their company’s name and logo on these packaging. They’re an excellent marketing tool. Your brand’s logo and company name can be printed on your Custom boxes, allowing you to promote your business while also creating distinctive printed child lock packaging boxes for your product. There are several a variety of digital printing option, which are as follow:

  • PMS
  • CMYK

You can additionally laminate these boxes with appropriate material to provide the items inside with more protection. Many companies also offer a custom coating for child lock vape boxes, strengthening the chest while protecting the products. They also don’t have any setup or die costs. CBH is the only company that makes child lock vape boxes.

  • Aqueous coating
  • Gold/silver foiling
  • Lamination
  • Gloss and matte

What’s More?

Besides our premium yet inexpensive packaging options, you will be getting some fantastic add-ons. You would love to have the extra discounts on our wholesale child-resistant boxes. We offer fast turnarounds on our secure and economical worldwide shipping. We offer free design support along with digital samples.

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