Europe Countries For Education-Based Immigration

A List Of The Top 5 Countries For Education-Based Immigration

1. New Zealand

New Zealand is a great place to educate and work abroad. With leafy plants and a pleasant climate, the country is not only an ideal place for life but also provides an excellent educational system. It also has the best immigration policy for foreign students.

After receiving a diploma, foreign students can request a work visa for 4 years.

Best Universities in New Zealand:

  • Auckland University
  • University of Outgo
  • Victoria Wiljilton University
  • Canterbury University
  • Mossa University
  • Waikato
  • Lincoln University
  • Orren Technology University

2. the United Kingdom

The UK is a great place for training overseas for many reasons. This is a cultural and hospitable place. British universities are always among the largest universities in the world. Therefore, after getting a diploma, he will be fully prepared for his career.

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We can only be happy that foreign students can stay for two years after getting a diploma to find a good job.

Best Universities in the UK:

  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • Empire College in London
  • London University (UCL)
  • Economy and Political Science in London
  • Edinburgh University
  • Royal London College
  • Manchester University
  • Harvard University
  • Glasgow University

3. Canada

The Canadian government offers special assets for immigration to students studying in Canada.

Canada has always welcomed immigrants with open weapons and can say that they are the best country for the migration of students. It also includes a study permit program, as well as a refugee work permit program. This country is ideal for international students who want to study abroad and want to work. In the context of many programs, the student can receive a work permit for up to 3 years in terms of course duration.

Once a student gets a job, it becomes easy for him to request a residential statement, he can get 6 months. Canada has a high-quality educational system and is a very famous university. In addition, if students study in Canada, regardless of the award, they impressed them with an additional resident’s statement.

Best Universities in Canada:

  • Toronto University
  • British Columbia University
  • Mac Gul University
  • Alberta University
  • Montreal University
  • Calgary University
  • Universe de Ottawa
  • Waterloo University

4. Australia

Australia has been ranked among the best countries in terms of higher education. However, the country is the center of the transfer of students. Despite high universities in Tumitral, this is the best overall relocation.

In 2013, Australia changed its visa policy. Since then, the migrant river from all over the world has arrived here. Australia’s high quality, its diverse and dynamic community, and its quality system create Australian immigration.

Australia’s Best Universities:

  • Sydney University
  • Melbourne University
  • Australian National University
  • Queensland University
  • Monash University
  • New South Wales University
  • Western Australia University
  • Macro University
  • New Castle University

5. Germany

Germany is a famous destination for education abroad, as international students provide 18 months of work after graduation.

This charming country is suspicious of the best places to study abroad. There are many programs and topics in Germany that have provided free education to international students regardless of their nationality. However, international students must be able to face the highest cost of life to live in the country. They can work for 90 days a year without a work permit.

Despite this condition, it is the country that is the most suitable for migration. Internal law and residence of eligible workers allow for high eligibility for students requesting residential permits in 2012.

Germany’s best universities:

  • Techich Monchin University
  • Ludwig-maximilians-arsität münchen
  • Ruprecht-Karls-Reversittututututututlhedeelberg
  • Humboyed-Intrinece Zoo Berlin
  • Free Berlin University
  • Kit, Carlsrooh Institute Fur Technology
  • rheinisch-westfälische techyche hochschule aachen
  • Berlin Technician University
  • Technician Dressed University
  • Iber Hard Carlis Tapangan

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