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7 Best YouTube Widget Tools For Your WordPress Site

As we all know Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. It is also one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. People are constantly using Youtube to share videos to promote their brand in an efficient manner. You can find a video on anything and everything on Youtube, making it a go-to platform for most people.

Youtube opens a lot of doors for brands to leverage diverse video content and harness the power of the massive audience Youtube possesses. It’s a basic human tendency that we are visual learners, we prefer looking at videos to understand anything better rather than text-only content.

People spend hours on youtube looking at random videos, that’s how engaging Youtube can be. It is the most powerful platform for entertainment to date. Now imagine leveraging this much engagement on your website. There is no reason to ignore leveraging Youtube in your marketing strategies. 

There are numerous tools out there that help you embed youtube on your WordPress website, however, making sure you have the best tool that makes your embedding experience smooth and effortless is crucial.

Let’s find out some of the best, most efficient, and easy tools to use while embedding a Youtube widget on WordPress website.

7 Best Tools to help embed Youtube Widget on your WordPress Website

Here are 7 smart and responsive tools that can help you create stunning Youtube Widgets to embed on your WordPress Website.

1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox portrays itself as a user-generated content platform that helps marketers boost user engagement, build trust, drive conversions and retention rates. They help achieve these goals by providing solutions to collect, curate, customize, and display UGC across various marketing touchpoints. 

Taggbox helps you develop high-quality responsive Youtube widgets for your website. You can embed these widgets on your WordPress website without any technical or coding expertise. You can do this with your channel URL, playlists, location, or keywords. 

Some of its amazing features include on-site review upload, real-time updates displayed instantly on the widget, customization and moderation features to make your widget personal, and the analytics feature that helps you measure, and analyze the youtube widget performance.

2. Tagembed 

Tagembed works with the motive to enhance your user engagement through embedding Youtube Videos on your WordPress website. You can connect videos on the basis of Channel URL, Playlist, Keywords, or Location. You have the ability to control what you display with the customization feature. You get various themes and layouts to make your website more attractive.

3. Twine Social 

Twine Social is another user-generated content platform that helps you utilize UGC to promote your brand through various solutions. These solutions include collecting, curating, branding, and publishing content on your WordPress website. This platform offers reliable, fast, and impressive approaches to displaying Youtube Widget. 

Twine Social has security protocols and smart workflows that have the ability to help you manage your Youtube widget perfectly.

4. YT Channel Embed 

YT Channel Embed helps you develop Youtube video galleries that can be displayed on your WordPress website. This platform offers a responsive display that helps you get a seamless website experience. It keeps your users engaged as you can play Youtube videos directly from your WordPress Website. 

5. WordPress Plugin

A wordPress plugin is an all-inclusive plugin that helps you incorporate your Youtube channel into your website. You have the option to access extra buttons and search widgets with the WordPress plugin. You can also grab your users’ attention and redirect them to increase your Youtube Subscriptions. WordPress plugin also has a feature that helps you track the website visitor that comes through your Youtube advertising.

6. Juicer

One of the most unique features of Juicer is that you have the ability to customize the embed code and the profile URL and get the benefit of directly embedding Youtube Widget on the website. Juicer identifies itself as a social media aggregator platform that helps you curate hashtags and other social media posts to display on your website. It makes it easy for your visitors to get all the relevant content in one place. 

Juicer is a user-friendly platform and its effortless procedure helps you develop a quick and easy wall. They have a moderation feature that helps you portray relevant information and eliminate any unwanted or explicit content. Most importantly just like other platforms, Juicer provides you with an analytics feature that helps you with insights and detailed information about the wall’s performance.

7. Stackla 

Stackla offers you an easy way to develop impressive Youtube widgets and embed them on your WordPress website to enhance website dwell time and drive conversion rates. This platform also offers you galleries that are filled with quality content, are mobile-friendly, and can be accessed with one click. You also get a wide range of unique and out-of-the-box styles to choose from. Get full control over designing and displaying content in your YouTube widget.

Up to you!

Youtube offers diverse content that is entertaining and relatable. Portraying Youtube content on your website can help you increase your website dwell time, offer a smooth, and interactive website experience, and boost user engagement. 

Apart from this, it helps you decrease your bounce rate and cart abandonment while enhancing customer retention. 

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