Empty stomach – the top reason for must of the men’s health issues

There would have been some times when you would have been empty stomach for a while. Well, being empty of stomach for some time is tolerable and does not really affect your health but being empty stomach for several hours can initiate some trouble. In fact, it may amaze you that many of the health disorders faced by men cause due to their habit of remaining on empty stomach frequently. But one may argue that spiritual people and even doctors are in the favour of fasting and often explains its benefits. Well, readers who claim to have heard or read such information are only aware of half-truths. 

Fasting is good for health but only for a day, rest of the time you eat three meals in a day and keep eating minor snacks in between meals. Fasting a day in a week helps the digestive system to take rest for a day and reset its functioning. But we are here discussing the regular habit of remaining empty stomach for the most part of the day, daily. If this habit is not given its due treatment, then after a while such men would be using Cenforce 100 mg and Cenforce 150. In this article, we will discuss in brief the reasons for an empty stomach being a contributor to men’s health issues. 

Can lower your immunity

Food is the thing that provides the body with the energy to do various activities. Thus, without any food in the stomach for a long time, your body may become weak and may not be able to perform a lot of activities. Thus, the immune system also becomes weak and your guard against the attack of bacteria and viruses may decrease. This proves that when you are on an empty stomach you become vulnerable to a lot of infections and allergies. This is the reason our parents did not let us go out either to school, tuition or any other place with an empty stomach. Even a few biscuits or a glass of milk is enough to save a man from diseases. 

But unfortunately, there is a full-on trend going on social media where self-acclaimed influencers motivate people to remain on empty stomach for hours in order to lose weight. Neither the content creator nor the content consumer knows the real science but they believe it and end up harming themselves. 

Lead to acidity

This is a simple example and a very common one in a man’s life. Acidity is usually caused when we eat too much than our average diet and for the stomach, it becomes difficult to process it all. The stomach then releases too many acids making the acidity of the stomach acidic. This is experienced by sour burp, heavy stomach and easiness due to no bowels. It is a very difficult situation and the treatment is taking any base that neutralizes the acid in the stomach. Now you may be wondering how do empty stomach can lead to acidity. Well, when your stomach is all empty with nothing in it for hours, the acid in small amounts gets released. But these acids have nothing to act on so, they know they remain in the gut just raising the acidity. In that situation after hours when you eat something, there is going to be a mess in the stomach. 

Gas issues

Again, similar to the case of acidity, this is very a known circumstance to many men. When you remain empty stomach for an excessive duration, you must have heard strange sounds coming out of your stomach. It’s nothing but the gas that has been created that, you get gas exits senses too much on empty stomach. If instances of an empty stomach become common there is a high possibility that gas problems can also become a regular affair for such men. Such men then use tablets to get rid of gas.

In some cases, the gas in the stomach rises and goes to the heart and windpipe. Thus, it can also cause cardiac disorders and may become life-threatening in such circumstances.

Stress and depression

Keeping your stomach empty will have a negative effect on your mental health. It can give rise to stress, dull mood, depression and anxiety. The blood pressure may rise suddenly and the person will become super angry within seconds. You may suffer a moderate to extreme level headache also while empty stomach. You may land in a situation where stress may get out of control and you must get rid of it by gulping an anti-depressant. Mood swings may also occur making the person a kind of schizophrenic. 

Why make yourself experience such mental issues when just eating at the right time can set things back to normal. Otherwise, keep eating Vidalista 40 from Powpills. On empty stomach, even this pill will not be able to help fully. 

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