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Most Prominent Tool To Add Google Review Widget On Weebly Website

When it comes to the most reliable rating and testimonial clients, Google reviews are the first choice of customers. To keep tabs on these developments, digital marketers and brands use modern online business reputation management software. Businesses have started adding Google reviews on Weebly website where customers and potential consumers can check them without leaving the website. 


So if you built your website with Weebly and are looking for an easy-to-optimize website with Google reviews then you don’t have to worry. Read this blog to learn more about how to create an amazingly looking Weebly website with a Google review widget. Let’s get started! 

What Are Google Reviews? 

Google Reviews are a kind of business reviews and feedback that are given by the customers on the Google Reviews platform. Reviews are the first things that will appear when someone looks for a business in Google or searches for directions. This means that Google reviews enable businesses to prove their worth to their prospective customers. 


About any business or brand, people can go online and list their thoughts without needing to download an app. The marketing hype and costly campaigns can be made less relevant easily with Google reviews. As a customer, to write a leave you just require a Google account and it is a free platform. Rather than doing good marketing for businesses, Google reviews serve as social proof and transparency. 

Best Tools To Add Google Review Widget On Weebly Website 

Here are some of the top tools listed below that will help you to add Google reviews widget for Weebly website

1. Tagembed Widget 

One of the best social media aggregator tools- Tagembed is famous for providing simple and easy solutions. Tagembed permits you to collect social media feeds from more than 20 platforms and you can easily embed the Google review widget on your Weebly website. Additional customization tools like fonts, designs, themes, templates, colors, etc. are also given by Tagembed to its users. All the Google reviews are now displayed on your website and you can personalize, moderate, and add Google reviews on your website.

2. TrustAnalytica 

TrustAnalytica is the perfect tool when it comes to adding Google reviews on your Weebly website without any hassle. This tool also controls metrics with some added benefits. With TrustAnalytica’s Google Review widget, the process of getting onboard is simple and easy. TrsutAnalytica is a foremost online brand reputation business which simply means that the brand has expertise in handling all the factors that are responsible for a brand’s online presence. This tool offers several types of services with some exceptional features. 

3. Easy Google Places Reviews 

The users will know that it could be a seamless experience to get Google Reviews on your Weebly website with the help of Easy Google Places Reviews. This tool can easily add Google Reviews on different website builders like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, GoDaddy, etc. The onboarding process of this tool is very easy and simple. With all the requirements of details, all you need to do is submit a form and the rest will be taken care of by the company. Businesses can take advantage of the shortcodes provided by Easy Google Places Reviews to include Google Reviews on the website. 

4. WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews 

The e-commerce industry is all about turning browsing customers into paying customers. The task becomes much easier if not simple because the intention of browsing customers has always been the intention to buy something. WooCommerce Google Customer Reviews is one of the best tools when it comes to integrating Google Reviews on the Weebly website. At the bottom of each webpage, this tool permits businesses to display the aggregate of ratings which makes it simpler and easier for the users. 

Benefits Of Adding Google Reviews To Weebly Website 

Before making any online purchase, more than 85% of customers will trust online Google reviews, according to studies. Here are some of the advantages of adding Google reviews to Weebly websites. 

1. Social Proof 

One of the best advantages of adding Google reviews is it provides social proof. To understand the business better, having Google reviews on your website will ensure that they have all the necessary things for the customers. 

2. Improved Search Engine Optimization 

For modern businesses, improved Search Engine Optimization is very crucial. It is one of the most essential things that is keeping businesses ahead of the competition. When embedded on the website, Google reviews serve as the anchor point for internal linking and optimization. 

3. Low Bounce Rate 

The bounce rate depends on the time a user spends on a web page before returning to SERP. The bounce rate will be lower when you add Google Reviews because users spend more time on the page. 


Adding a Google review widget on the Weebly website can be a game changer for your products and services. This blog will shed light on the Google reviews that can help digital marketers embed and showcase Google reviews right on their Weebly websites. There are several benefits you’ll get after adding Google reviews to your Weebly website like social proof, reduced bounce rate, and improved SEO of the website.