Improve the Website Performance with Image Optimization

Website load speed is an essential factor for site owners in SEO ranking. Every site owner’s dream is to keep fast loading site and place them on SERP. A search engine wants a website that loads fast. Site owners understand the importance of page loading speed. In a website, images are the mandatory element to enhance user engagement and website performance. 

For that concern, website owners rely on an image optimization plugin to optimize an image. A non-optimized image takes too much storage space on site and lowers load speed. Therefore, proper image optimization is crucial to boost a site’s overall performance and visitors experience.

  • A significant reason for using a plugin is to minimize image file size without quality.
  • It needs few resources and makes the site faster.
  • Site owners enjoy maximum benefits with the image optimization plugin.
  • Using a plugin is the best idea to streamline image optimization efforts.
  • You can take advantage of the plugin and optimize the image to boost website speed.

Best Plugins For Image Optimization:

If you want to enhance website load speed, you can use recommended image optimization plugin. In addition, digital marketing professionals suggest the best tool to optimize an image.


A Popular WordPress image optimization plugin is suitable for WordPress. It is responsible for enhancing page performance and minimizing image file sizes up to five megabytes.


The plugin sends the image file to the server and delivers a new and small version image. Site owners use them on-site and keep good page performance.

EWWW Image Optimizer:

Plugin optimizes images automatically and uploads them to the website. You may also have the option to optimize the previous image in bulk or individually.

Shortpixel Image Optimizer:

You can take pleasure from two different image compression solutions lossy and lossless. Moreover, it stores original image copies and restores them if required.

Compress JPEG and PNG images:

Plugin optimizes PNG and JPEG files using image compression services like tinyPNG and tinyJPG.


Plugin compresses the newly uploaded image and WordPress media folder. You can save time and effort and boost workflow.


Whether you search for a plugin that resizes rather than compressing, you can switch to Imsanity. You can resize the image by specifying height, width, and quality level.

Resmush. it:

You can compress images up to five megabytes for free and optimize bulk images within a few clicks.

WP compress:

 It is easy to shrink image file size with the help of local and live image optimization. The plugin also provides retina device support and lazy image loading.


It is the best way to eliminate bulk images on a site and makes the site load quicker. It is available in paid and free versions. 

Why Image Optimization Is Necessary:

Image optimization is the best practice for many site owners to prevent slow loading. Having a properly optimized image will boost website speed and overall performance.

Use Resources Properly:

Large images need more space and bandwidth for a file to successfully transfer to a web browser. Whether you keep a site with limited resources, you can use image optimization techniques and compress images and keep perfect space. It is the best metric to minimize bandwidth and disk space to display and store images and eliminate slow load time.

Boost Ranking:

Search engines highly consider page speed a critical component of the ranking algorithm. You can manage a site with an excellent loading speed and prevent unwanted penalties. A website with an optimized image will load faster and attract visitors to visit the page. The site will position on the search engine result page and provide exact details to visitors on time.

Google Pagespeed insight is the best solution for site owners to test site speed. Website owners focus on the latest changes in search engine algorithms and make some changes to the site to boost page speed and load time. So, you can use the right tool to optimize images and improve user satisfaction and leads. 

Image optimization is an essential process in a website to attract an audience. At JDM Web Technologies, you can clear doubts regarding image optimization and plugin usage from digital marketing manager Naveen. For any details about the plugin, contact us today.

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