Diploma of IT

The backbone of 2022 will be Diploma of IT

The backbone has been fueling the movement of economies worldwide for the last two years, despite the massive onslaught on human life caused by the different forms of the deadly new coronavirus. Because of information technology and its boundless potential, the view for 2022 is full of possibilities. The year 2022 is the year the Diploma of IT is fully acknowledged in all parts of the world.

Jamaica will profit if it is prepared to give human capital training and retraining for this new borderless terrain. Participants are willing to accept the best options depending on available chances.

Forward-thinking tertiary institutions have made the proper linkages through constructive networking with local vehicles such as the jamaica computer society and the diaspora through the many chapters in North America and Canada. Emerging trends, Diploma of IT and skill sets will continue to capture the right audience, allowing the company to pivot into areas such as North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa to provide advanced degrees that will feed the millennial and generation Z appetites.

The university of technology

The school of computing and information technology of the university of technology in Jamaica offers affordable modules with creative, dynamic, and forward-thinking means of delivering its courses to a new generation of learners.

This new generation wants to attend courses that are not only predefine for them but are also a good fit for them. Investing in an information systems degree that combines computer science with business studies, educational components, agricultural engineering, marine defense and automation, sports management, sports science, law, law enforcement techniques, and entrepreneurship is worthwhile. Such a degree should be finish in three to four years and would be more student-center and create purely with the student in mind.

In such a case, students can choose from a pool of modules to create a dynamic course of study that genuinely prepares and reflects the type of degree they believe will provide them with a well-rounded education. Such a daring initiative is ideally suite for this new and ever-changing environment in which jobs that exist now will not exist in 20 years.

As part of their ecosystem, I envisage the School of Computing and Information Technology fusing, merging, and venturing into new hemispheres with a projected student population of 15,000 to 25,000, a mix of local and international students. A system like this, developed with outside-the-box thinking, is precisely what our country needs in its toolbox.

Educational institutions

The planet is undergoing a technological revolution. Through trailblazers, educational institutions will have to ensure that private sector and diaspora relationships are critical to surviving a zero-budget environment with little to no subvention.

Tertiary institution leaders must be marketing experts eager to enable growth, expansion, partnership, unity, and daring movements. These new visionaries will see that the world has changed and will not hesitate to venture into the new and dynamic territory to redraw the limits their pupils live within. I propose that the new feeding ground for UTech students might be in all or most of the world’s 195 countries across the seven continents.

In the year 2022, Cert 4 IT will serve as the fundamental support system for every industry. If Jamaica wants to leapfrog to a dream that reflects the adage, Wi likkle but wi tallawah, an information technology-led scenario should be the way forward. We are miniature giants in the making, and we must recognize that only the brave will survive.

As a country, we must decide whether to sit on the sidelines or reap the benefits of present and new technology and businesses. Emerging Diploma of IT such as biometrics, the Internet of Things, deep learning, data analytics, and fog computing, combined with working from home, continual training, retraining, or retooling, and learning new skill sets from a university like UTech, are the way forward.

Biometric technology

I believe that expanding into trends such as gamification, cyber security, animation, software engineering, blockchain technology, and biometric technology will allow us to transcend our borders. These are the birthrights of future generations that have grown up with technology at their fingertips since their motor skills began to develop.

The world needs new and daring minds who see technology as their legacy and are prepare to use it in 2022.

The School of Computing and Information is prime and equipped to lead the next IT revolution. Its hardworking graduates have benefited private sector organizations in Jamaica and worldwide. As a result, I ask them to complete the cycle by establishing endowment funds in collaboration with educational institutions. Such a system will leave a legacy that will enable the brightest minds and the most talent and knowledgeable information systems, technology, and computer science, out-of-the-box thinkers to be ready to rumble in this information technology revolution COVID-19 is entrench in the ecosystem.

Silicon valley and other parts of the world

The college has already graduated from silicon valley and other parts of the world. However, to build a borderless university and learning environment, we must remove the boundaries associated with the country of residency.

And education will have to be supply through training, certification, and the creation of stackable modules. So the next generations to use as they see fit in 2022 and beyond based on what they wish to learn.

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