The Invicta Cricket League and the Indian Premier League

Originally, the ICC World Cricket League was a series of international one-day cricket tournaments for national teams without Test status. It was administered by the International Cricket Council. It was canceled in 2006. The Invicta Cricket League and the Indian Premier League are both based on this model.


Founded in 2008, the Indian Premier League is the world’s most popular Twenty20 cricket league. In its first season, IPL was watched by 200 million Indians. After a few years, the league became the sixth largest sports league in the world. It is controlled by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), which also oversees the IPL’s two sister competitions – the Indian Cricket League and the Asia Cup.

The league has 10 teams. The franchises are owned by Bollywood film stars, media moguls, major companies and other entities. In its fifth season, IPL has a brand value of US$2.99 billion.

The IPL has a league format that includes an eliminator round, a group stage, and a knockout system. Unlike other leagues, the number of matches played per team is limited to 14. The ten teams are divided into two groups of five.

The league is played on a home-and-away basis. The top four teams qualify for the playoffs, while the third and fourth place teams play a qualifier match.

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ICC World Cricket League

ICC World Cricket League was a system of international one-day cricket tournaments, organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The league provided national teams with a pathway to qualify for the Cricket World Cup. The initial league consisted of seven tournaments, and the number of divisions was expanded to eight by 2010.

The ICC WCL began in 2007, and a team that wanted to qualify for the Cricket World Cup could choose to compete in the World Cricket League or the ICC World Cup Qualifier. In the early stages, the league had a promotion and relegation structure. The six top teams in the first division were rewarded with automatic qualification, while two were relegated. The other two teams were promoted from the lower divisions of regional qualifiers.

The six Associate members of the ICC were assigned One Day International status based on their performance in the World Cup qualifiers. Ireland was promoted to test match status in mid-March 2018.

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League was designed to run in conjunction with the Challenge League events. It was originally planned to start in May 2020.

Invicta Cricket League

Founded in 2010, the Invicta Cricket League is a league of its own, comprising ten teams sponsored by ten Invicta clubs. It’s a league that’s a bit more fun to watch than its rivals, and a great way to get involved in a sport that is thriving in the region. The season runs from April to July and is split into two, midweek and Saturday fixtures. The best part is that parents are welcome to come along and watch the kids in action. The Invicta league also boasts a junior league. The Invicta Junior league has a handful of teams, which is a bit of a change from previous years.

The Invicta Junior League is based on Pairs Cricket, and matches are played on local teams. It’s a bit of a juggle, especially as some teams play against each other twice in a Twenty20 competition. Despite being a tad underfunded, the organisers manage to put on some decent games.

ICL’s founding franchises

Despite the fact that ICL was the precursor to IPL, it is a league that remains somewhat unknown to cricket fans in India. In fact, it is difficult to find information about ICL on the internet. Its founding franchises were nine club teams in different cities in India. It also had teams in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Initially, ICL was funded by the Essel Group, which planned to set up cricket academies in the country. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) was skeptical about the idea of the league. It was also concerned about the lack of infrastructure. However, the league received support from various government bodies.

The competition was designed to attract a younger audience. It had a Twenty20 format and included players from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It was also the first domestic Twenty20 league in India. The first season was a success, and the tournament was renamed the T20 Blast.

The Indian Premier League was launched in 2008. It was a huge hit with the people of India. Unfortunately, it failed to create regional rivalries among the teams. It also did not attract big-ticket Indian superstars.