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How to Read Manga on Webtoon XYZ

I love reading comics and manga, but I hate having to go to the store to pick them up. Sometimes I can’t even get out of the house because of my back pain or other issues. That’s when I discovered the amazing world of Webtoon XYZ! It has tons of original manga and anime on its platform, so you can download what you want when you have time for it. It’s perfect for busy people like me who still want their comic fix! And don’t worry—it’s free!

Search for a manga title.

  • Click on the search bar at the top of the app and type in your manga title.
  • Click on a manga series or episode you want to read, then scroll down until you see an “i” icon next to a link that says “Read this chapter” under it.
  • Click on this link and you’ll be brought to the page where you can start reading!

Click into the manga series.

To read a manga series, you must first click on the manga title.

Next, you’ll want to click into the series.

Finally, you’ll need to click on an episode and then be transported into its world!

Scroll to select an episode.

Scroll to select an episode.

  • Click on the episode you want to read to jump right in.
  • You can also click on the manga to read the whole series!

XYZ has a lot of free and original manga, and it’s pretty easy to read.

XYZ has a lot of free and original manga, and it’s pretty easy to read.

You can read manga on XYZ by:

  • Reading on your phone
  • Reading on your tablet
  • Reading on your computer


In conclusion, it’s easy to read manga on Webtoon XYZ. Just follow these steps and you’ll be reading like a pro in no time!

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