What Is Astrology And How Does It Work?

In essence, astrology is the study of the effects of celestial bodies and objects (stars and planets) on our lives. The placement of the moon, the sun, stars, and planets during your birth are said to form your nature and personality traits and impact your love relationships. They are even said to foretell their economic affluence, among other predictions, as per an astrologer in Pakistan.

Many believe that astrology is the language of the sky. There are loads of calculations, mysteries, signs, and pictographs involved. It can be both electrifying and perplexing.

As soon as you start to learn and use astrology, you’ll get to know how it works.

Mechanism of Astrology

Unquestionably, astrology is rooted in scientific calculations, or astrologers were the astronomers of the early times. Thus, knowing the mechanism is a great introduction to how astrology works.

Astrology Is Divided Into 2 Sections

1.      When science finishes, the art of reading the horoscope starts.

2.      Calculating the astronomical map.

What Are Hieroglyphics And Keywords Of Astrology?

Astrology are signs and glyphs that date back many centuries. Each sign, celestial body, and aspects comprise a glyph. As soon as you are aware of what the signs indicate and have a keywords list, it’s time to start with the translation of the language of sky and have a feel for how it works.

Glyphs in Astrology

In the ancient period, the glyphs were named on the creatures and shapes allotted to the star groups that created the constellation zodiac. For example, the sign or glyph for Taurus seems like the head and horns of a bull. In a majority of instances, going through the glyph will help you understand what each of them indicates.

Keywords in Astrology

You can rationally translate a horoscope using keywords for signs, houses, and planets. In short, keywords place key sentences, paragraphs, and phrases collectively. There are lots of keywords for each celestial body, aspect, house, and sign. Several restraints of astrology utilize distinctive keywords. Following are some of those keywords utilized in natal astrology:

Keywords for Zodiac Signs

  • Aries: Self-confident, innovative, egotistical, impulsive
  • Taurus: Trustworthy, practical, persevering, unbending, lethargic.
  • Gemini: Flexible, enquiring, chatty, superficial, unpredictable
  • Cancer: Defensive, nurturing, sympathetic, temperamental
  • Leo: Generous, lively, dramatic, egotistical, self-absorbed
  • Virgo: Discerning, logical, uncertain, serious, fussy
  • Libra: Diplomatic, friendly, uncertain, inactive
  • Scorpio: Emotional, sharp, intense, enigmatic, spiteful
  • Sagittarius: Outgoing, tactless, passionate, principled, careless
  • Capricorn: Responsible, traditional, go-getting, negative
  • Aquarius: imaginative, nameless, Independent, non-conforming
  • Pisces: Inventive, sympathetic, dreamy, relaxing, unreliable

Keywords for the Houses:

  • 1st house: The physical appearance, personality, and how others think about you
  • 2nd house: Self-respect, affections, what you value
  • 3rd house: intellectual endeavors, communication, the normal working of the mind
  • 4th house: Roots, family, home
  • 5th house: Innovation, amusement, children
  • 6th house: Work atmosphere, service, wellbeing
  • 7th house: Partnerships, open enemies, marriage
  • 8th house: Secrets, inheritances, sex
  • 9th house: Knowledge, philosophy, religion, higher education
  • 10th house: Social status, aspirations, power
  • 11th house: Social causes, wishes for the future, groups
  • 12th house: Divine connection, self-doing sacrifice

Keywords for the planets:

  • Mercury: Logic, thinking, learning, communication
  • Venus: Love, balance, relating, worth
  •  Mars: Actions, drive, energy, assertion
  • Jupiter: Moral ethics, growth, beliefs, luck
  • Saturn: Responsibility, duty, obligations, promise, father
  • Uranus: Rebellion, oddness, freedom, innovation
  • Neptune: Illusion, sympathy, misunderstanding
  • Pluto: Death, reincarnation, conversion
  •  Sun: Vivacity, aspiration, sense of self
  • Moon: Habits, instincts, emotions, mother

How Does Vedic Astrology Work?

You might be familiar with Vedic astrology. It is actually the modern name of Indian astrology. It came into existence about 1500-2000 BCE by sages. Many call it “Jyotish.” This science copes with the cosmic light patterns employed to discover our fate.

Astrology is an old-age science utilized to determine the likelihood of the future using the position of planets. In short, it can be said that the Vedic astrology is rooted in astronomy. Therefore, an astrologer in Nepal should know the correct locations of a celestial body amid the fixed stars at a particular time alongside astrological fixed star signs concerning anywhere on earth at any specific moment.

With the info mentioned above, astrologers create a chart for a person that aids in projecting various life aspects.

In order to find out the Vedic astrology signs compatibility, an astrologer created a natal chart on the basis of one’s birth date/time and the placement of stars in the zodiac.

According to Vedic astrology, everything in the universe(planets, stars, humans etc) is interconnected when it comes to actions and consequences. Luck is decided on the basis of one’s Karma and cosmic design. Also as per Indian Philosophy, the soul of a human being is immortal, and it can incarnate in the different bodies at different intervals.

Final Verdict

Many of us often get confused between western and Vedic astrology. Therefore, to make things clear, you can visit the most trusted astrologer in Toronto.

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