What is the Best Place to Study Arabic in the Middle East?

The most daring students are now thinking about broadening their linguistic horizons with other languages like Study Arabic , while historically students wishing to learn a new language overseas could have picked Spanish, Italian, or French.

Learning multiple languages has become quite common nowadays. There are a number of reasons as well as benefits to learn a foreign language. Learning a new language is synonymous to opening new doors of opportunity for yourselves. For instance, you can offer online services as, Law Assignment Help for the students who speak Arabic. Learning new languages also connects you to the array of cultures worldwide.

This post aims to explore why you should learn Arabic and what are the best places to learn Arabic in the Middle East.

Why Learn Arabic?

One of the most widely recognized languages is the Arabic. Various factors have contributed to the widespread recognition of Arabic language. Arabic is one the six official languages of the United Nations. This language is spoken by almost 315 million people globally. It is also the official language of various Middle Eastern countries, such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, etc. and North Africa.

Additionally, if you are a student in a country where official language is Arabic. Or a particular university offers your preferred courses in Arabic, then learning Arabic benefits you in the long run. But it does take time to get fluent in a language. So, if you are enrolled in an Arabic course, you may resort to online platforms, such as, Best Website For Assignment Writing to get help for you assignments (professionalessayservice, 2018).

Best Places to Learn Arabic in the Middle East

Now the main question arises, which is the best place to learn Arabic in the Middle East. But before heading on to listing the best places where you can learn Arabic, there is an important point to consider.

Choose wisely! Each of the Middle East countries offers a distinctive experience due to their various cultures, societies, and political systems. You should choose your program format carefully, for instance, you may opt for a language course certification or may go for a language exchange program. Also, do consider the cost, affordability and the dialect according to the country you want to go to study abroad.

It’s all About the Dialect!

You might come across many dialects of Arabic, depending on where you decide to learn it. You’ll run into various terminology, accents, and even idioms and phrases, much like the regional/country variations in Spanish. The most common dialect of Arabic is Egyptian Arabic. Whereas, the other Arabic dialects spoken in the Gulf countries, such as, Study Arabic, UAE, Oman, etc. are referred to as Gulf Arabic (Qutbuddin, 2019).

Considering the above mentioned fact, the following are some of the top places in Middle East to learn Arabic.

1.      Egypt

As mentioned above, Egyptian Arabic is the most widely used dialect globally. Egypt is known as the “cradle of civilizations”. So, if you are considering to move to Egypt for higher studies or employment, you can guarantee yourself a fulfilling experience that is as culturally rewarding as it is instructive.

There are various platforms and opportunities for you to learn Arabic at Egypt. There are various courses that offer proper training in Egyptian Arabic based on competence level, age group, learning preference, and learning style.

The Arabic language courses offered at Egypt also have the facility to provide you with training regarding Modern Conversational Arabic or you may opt to learn the conventional Egyptian Arabic dialect.

2.      Jordan

Jordan is also one of the best Middle Eastern countries that can offer you a substantial training in Arabic language. It is also a culturally rich country and has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. So, if you are planning to move to this culturally diverse land for education or employment, you are likely to find yourselves one of the best Arabic learning experience.

Small group conversation classes are offered by some language schools. Some long and short-duration Modern Standard Arabic courses are also offered. If you want to gain expertise in Arabic language, you may opt for three-month long specialized Arabic learning classes. And an added perk to this Arabic learning program is free tours throughout Jordan.

3.      Tunisia

If you are s student who is planning to move to Middle East not solely for studies but for exploration and adventure as well, then Tunisia is go-to place. It is a country with historically-rich culture that descend from various civilizations and empires that resided over this patch of land. Furthermore, due to the country’s widespread use of French and Tunisian dialect Arabic, students have the opportunity to speak Arabic in order to improve their learning.

Tunisia offers various platforms to the immigrants to learn Arabic. There are focus group trainings in Arabic language. A number of short and long courses, extending up to 10 months are offered at Tunisian universities. The facility of one-on-one training in Arabic language is also available. For students who come from other countries to study at a university in Tunisia, are offered extra language learning credits a part of their degrees. In order to familiarize students with the Tunisian cultures, specialized tours are also arranged.

4.      Saudi Arabia

Saudi Study Arabic is also one of the best places to learn Arabic. Study Arabic cities like Riyadh and Jeddah provide private Arabic language tutoring, which is available and priced by the hour. For young immigrant male undergraduate students, the Arabic Linguistics Institute at King Saud University offers a rigorous two-year full-time Arabic Diploma. Likewise, the King Abdulaziz University provides one-year postgraduate studies in Arabic in addition to shorter courses for both male and female students of all ages.

Other institutions, like Ascent, provide group language courses that last seven to eight weeks, with one to three classes each week, and they welcome students of all ages and levels of ability. To foster speaking ability, these schools might plan field trips and extracurricular activities.

5.      United Arab Emirates (UAE)

United Arab Emirates offers you a rich language experience as it is a cosmopolitan country with a huge population of immigrants. The cultural diversity at UAE offers you an experience to communicate with people from various cultures. This gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with different Arabic dialects spoken around the world.

If you’ve never been to the Middle East before, all of this makes for a fantastic introduction. In Sharjah, where living expenses are considerably lower and the ties to tradition and culture are stronger, you can also study Arabic.

In the United Arab Emirates, you can take Arabic language classes ranging from shorter or part-time basic and conversation level to advanced level. You can also get personalised coaching and university courses that grant credits. The university also offers language exchange programs that may help you learn Arabic in a cross-cultural setting.


If you are someone who is looking to move to Middle East or you are just a language enthusiast then this post is a brief description of all the best places in Middle East where you can learn Arabic.


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