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Why Damascus Knives Are The Best Knives And Why Is More Expensive

Why Are Damascus Knives Better?

Damascus knives are sharper than European knives. but why? And why is a sharp knife better?

Damascus knives are usually made of steel which is harder than European knives. By using harder steel, Damascus knives can make relatively thin blades that hold the blade longer and sharpen more easily than European knives.

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Damascus knife-making methods evolved from traditional sword-making methods as did European knife-making methods. Whereas European knives are designed for stabbing and must be durable. Damascus swords are made for cutting, they are long and sharp. Similarly, a European knife more suitable for heavy European cuisine has a stronger blade that can be used in the dishwasher. And there is a large roller to protect your fingers.

Damascus knives

The first commercial Damascus knives on the market were Universal knives in the late 1980s, and Universal knives were very exotic. In this way, the blade can be sharpened like a razor. It is very light and looks great with all stainless steel handles.

Knives from around the world set the trend for Damascus knives in the Western market: they are sharper, more balanced, and thinner. They love chefs and amateur chefs.

  • Single layer Damascus knife
  • The disadvantage of using stainless steel is that knives are more brittle and easy to cut.

Why is it more expensive?

High-quality materials

Quality materials such as steel powder cannot be cheap. This steel was made specifically for knives and is produced in small quantities in modern factories. Many of these high-quality steels require special knowledge of forging and hardening. Few manufacturers know how to work with this steel. Or just don’t bother, because the high price means the knives won’t be mass produced.

In addition to VG-10, many Chinese factories have copies of it. The steel used for the knife may also be VG-10, but it is often not properly maintained at the factory, and is soft and does not withstand shocks. the edges

Handmade Processes

It takes time to weld, grind, and sharpens several layers of steel. All Damascus knives are handmade. Sharpening is a skilled job. Knives can be machined and sharpened. But the cutting edge is not as good as it should be. They often have a concave edge that wears off quickly.

The best knives are made by hand. It is a laborious process. Handmade knives cost £250 and up, but buying these knives is an investment in the blacksmith’s time and expertise.


For some workplace knives, we have pre-ordered for more than a year. And it does not always guarantee the availability of goods in stock. Demand is very difficult to predict in advance. When the product arrives, it can be sold quickly. A manufacturer who knows that his product is in demand can charge a premium. They have an order of books to keep them in their possession for a long time.

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